Ready to Rent Tenant Training

Course aim

To give tenants detailed knowledge of their obligations as renters to look after the property and pay rent. How to maintain the property to a satisfactory standard. Obligations paying for and taking on services. Basic maintenance is detailed part of the course, ensuring gullys are cleared, how to ensure moisture levels in the property do not cause damp and mould issues. Certification enables the tenants to declare they are confident and understand the obligations placed upon them by their landlords as befits taking on a rental property.

The course has been designed in conjunction with RICs certified residential surveyor and the course content has been approved by RICS certified building surveyor as valid advisory information for prospective tenants.

Course Content
  • Security & keys
  • Obligations - basic maintenance
  • How to prevent damp and mould
  • Taking over services
  • Damage to property
  • Hygiene and the residential environment
  • Getting on with neighbours
  • Disagreement with Landlord - due process
  • Health and safety - gas, electrical, standards of repair

Ready to Rent - Tenant Certificate